About AceMoney

1. Main view of  AceMoney

You can see easily when your data exists with calendar.

2. Total

If you touch total button, it will show total list.

3.  Total monthly  list

It shows total amount of monthly income and expense. It supports detail list of the month when you touch each row. The blue button of each row supports budget comparison list.

4. Monthly detail list

This is monthly detail list which shows all expense and income of the month by date.

The blue button of the row supports monthly payment list of credit card expense.

5.  Monthly payment list of credit card expense

This is monthly payment list of credit card expense which is used in some countries only where installment plan of credit cards is used. See the section About credit card for more details.

6. Budget comparison list

This is Budget comparison list which shows monthly budget and monthly expense and income. See the section About budget for more details.

7.  Update Expense

You can update or delete information of expense in the Update Expense.

8. Add Expense

You can choose payment option with Cash or Credit cards or Bank Account. When you choose  a credit card,  installment plan is available to choose. It you does not use installment plan, please reset Installment plan set in settings not to use it.

9. Settings list

This is Settings List. You can add categories and set base budget in the Category & base budget.

10. Category & base budget

When you touch each row, it moves to detail view. Base budget will be used  when monthly budget will be created automatically every month. Monthly budget will be created when each first data of each month is inserted. See section About budget for more detail.

11. Budget vs Expense

This is Budget vs Expense which shows monthly budget and monthly expense and income.  It shows used amount of cash and credit cards, bank accounts.  See the section About budget for more details.

12.  List by category

This is List by category.  It shows list by categories and supports monthly list and period list and total list. Each row supports it’s detail list.

13. Detail list of category.

14. List by category (Period)

15.  Period Change

16. List by category (Total)

17.  Total

When you left-top button in the Main view, it moves to Total list.

18.  Card payment set

When you touch right-top information button of Main view, it moves to Card payment set.  If you choose by-used-date, the expense will be aggregated by used-date. And if you choose by-paid-date, the expense will be aggregated by paid-date.

19. Search view.

20. Assets List

Assets list shows balance of cash and credit cards and bank accounts.

21.  Repetition list

This is Repetition list. You can see detail view when you touch each row.

22. Detail view of repetition data.

This id detail view of repetition data. Date and type of repetition is not allowed to change.

23.  Category chart

24.  Monthly graph

25.  Start day of the week set

If you change start day of the week, you can see the result in the weekly list of main view.


About acemoneypro

hi, I am a developer of iPhone and android.
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10 Responses to About AceMoney

  1. Gabriela Manrique says:

    Tengo la version de escritorio, puedo sincronizar la informacion del telefono con la informacion de la PC y viceversa?

    • brownapp says:

      Sorry for late reply.
      Could you please speak in English?
      Best regards,

      • Gabriela Manrique Cervantes says:

        I have the acemoney pro for PC desktop. It’s possible sincronize information between both devices?

      • brownapp says:

        I am sorry but you seem to have a different program.
        We don’t have desktop version yet.
        I will make mac version as soon as possible.
        Best regards,

  2. Bersier Isabel says:

    Hi, i have the same question than Gabriela. I would like to synchronise the PC version with the iPhone apli. I have also installed Dropbox but it doesn’t work.
    Thank you for your answer and best regards
    Isabel Bersier

  3. Dave says:

    How do I sync the app on my phone the same app via iTunes? Thanks

  4. Sacred_oleg says:

    Don’t you know that program with name “ace money” and “ace money pro” which is used for budgeting is already exist in desktop versions for windows and Mac OS, and it also exists for windows mobile os. This brand and trademark exists for many years so you should rename your app before they have to sue you, because they are working for ios app and android app which will be additional to a desktop version.
    Or you are fraudster, which think that he is the cleverest and could collect money from people who think that they buy real “acemoney” product.
    So where is the truth?

    • brownapp says:

      We think this is so difficult problem.
      We’ve also made Ace Money Pro from 2010.
      Changing the name of the application is not good for our customers who are using it for many years in App Store.

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